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Internships and Work Experience

What we do

Want to immerse yourself in the knowledge and fresh thinking that flows into every corner of our business? We’re proud to offer a range of internship and work experience opportunities.


The format of our internship programme

Our Internship programme is an incredible opportunity for you to spend six weeks getting to know our business. During your time with us, you’ll work in various departments as you get stuck into hands-on work and develop invaluable new skills.

Interested in joining our Internship programme? To find out more and apply, email talent@pennon-group.co.uk.

Graduate mentor

To help you settle in, you’ll be paired up with a buddy from our Graduate programme who’ll support you every step of the way. Not only will they share their South West Water experience with you, you can lean on them to help you look for accommodation if you’re relocating for the internship.


You’ll kick off your internship with a group induction where you’ll learn all about our business and what to expect from the programme. You’ll also have the chance to meet our CEO Susan Davy and find out more about our Graduate programme.

Ongoing activity

We’ll conduct weekly reviews throughout your internship to understand how you’re getting on, and offer you further support and training if necessary. During your internship you’ll also visit one of our operational sites where you’ll take a tour and get to network with other members of the business. Towards the end of your programme, you’ll be invited to deliver a short presentation to share what you’ve learnt during your time with us.


Meet the team

A proud partner of the 10000 Black Interns initiative, we’re helping transform the horizons and prospects of young black people.


“Having worked in the banking industry for many years, I had zero HR experience before I joined South West Water as an intern. Now I’m studying for my Master’s in HRM. I would recommend working at South West Water because the culture is great. The company encourages you to be creative and develop your skills, no matter your level of experience or education. The support you receive from every member of staff is incredible, as is the initiative to promote cultural diversity across the business.”


“My favourite thing about interning with Group Legal at Pennon Group was learning about the business and the water industry. My time here also gave me an insight into how in-house lawyers function within the business. I’d recommend working at South West Water because the people are welcoming and friendly. I learnt a lot from my team - they were very supportive and got me involved in different projects which helped me develop various skills.”

Work Experience Programme

Hands-on experience

Join us for work experience and to immerse yourself in multiple areas of our business. Enjoying hands-on work at an early stage can open the doors to a successful career! You’ll have the opportunity to get to know colleagues from across South West Water, gain valuable interview skills and even visit our sites.


What we offer

A week-long work experience placement in summer for students aged 14 and above that focuses on (1) the different areas of work to expand your knowledge of the water industry, and (2) employability to make you work ready!

What do we ask in return? Be curious, respectful and eager to learn with an open mind to make the most out of this experience.

Industry insight

As a part of this placement, you will gain hand-on experience and insight into the relevant functions performed by our Operations, Sustainability, Engineering, Customer Service, and IT teams, with opportunities to widen your network.

Employability skills

You will also learn how to ace an interview, write a CV and cover letter, with key pointers from our recruitment team. Gaining valuable skills for work readiness.

Recognition and progression

Upon completion of your work experience placement, you will receive a certificate of recognition and achievement and the opportunity to be fast tracked to our apprentice assessment centre.

Our application process


Submit your application telling us why you would like to attend our work experience week.


We will notify you within two weeks following the deadline if you are one of the successful candidates.


In the weeks that follow, you will receive more information on what we have planned for your work experience placement, the general expectations, and timelines.


Join us in Summer for an experience like no other!

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Applications for our week-long programme are now closed, kindly register your interest for future work experience programmes.