From planting trees to proudest moments – we caught up with Maggie to hear all about her South West Water story so far…

Hi, Maggie – can you tell us a bit about your role?
I look into where improvements can be made on our sites to make them better places for biodiversity (plants and wildlife). Our treatment works, pumping stations and reservoirs are all huge operational sites, but within them, there are wildlife havens – hedges, woodland, grasslands, water. It’s my job to spot ways we can look after these areas to make them better habitats for wildlife. I once saw a Red Kite at Bastreet Water Treatment Works – we get lots of birds, because many of our sites are relatively undisturbed by people and often quite secure from their natural predators. They also love the flies that come off the water.

Why is tree planting such an important part of your role?
Tree planting is integral to not only the environment, but to water quality too. It all works together. Trees help stabilise the soil, slowing the flow of water over the surface. This means that less of the topsoil is running off into the rivers. So, it has lots of benefits, not just for animals and plants.

"It’s very rewarding and satisfying. I can do something in
a day that will last a long time."

Why do you love your role?
It’s very rewarding and satisfying. I can do something in a day that will last a long time. Like today, we’ve planted a whole new woodland. I love getting out and about, and getting a spade in the ground. Sitting behind a desk is not for me. My role is all about improvement – not just doing what needs to be done, but going above and beyond.

What’s your proudest moment at South West Water so far?
My proudest moment was when I submitted 14 management plans for key sites across Devon – which have been selected to showcase what can be done to improve biodiversity. It’s all about changing people’s perspectives and behaviours to realise new ways of doing things – like the way people are cutting the grass, or leaving scrub, or meadow areas. And it’s the start of something big.

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