What roles are on offer

Regulations and Environment

Regulations and environment

What we do

From pricing reviews and regulatory changes to demand forecasting and water quality improvements – our Regulations and Environment teams play a key role in delivering a sustainable future for the South West.

With oversight of our business and the ability to input into strategic decisions, Regulations and Environment is an interesting, exciting place to work. Here, new challenges arise every day as plans continually evolve in response to new pressures, priorities and opportunities.

Here, our teams collaborate with each other, external stakeholders and customers, sharing exciting new ideas in order to plan for the future. Join this collaborative team and you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities, gain exposure to every part of our business, and play your part in building a better future for generations to come.


Our teams

Regulatory Team

As well as ensuring our business knows – and responds to – what’s happening in the wider world, it’s down to our Regulatory team to make sure South West Water and our wholesalers are compliant with all relevant legislation and obligations. Working with our regulator Ofwat, this team will ensure customers continue to get the best from us as we work towards the 2024 price review (PR24).

Research and Policy

Benchmarking South West Water against other water companies, we look to our Research and Policy team to review our existing policies and inform future South West Water policy initiatives too. As well as working with the Consumer Council for Water to make sure our customers’ voices are heard, this team is also heavily involved in our WaterShare+ programme.

Asset Management

Not only do they monitor the performance of our existing assets, it’s also down to our Asset Management team to develop multi-million pound asset management plans which will deliver our future asset needs across the business. They play a vital role in ensuring our water and wastewater services are healthy and resilient for our customers and consumers – while making sure South West Water is responsive to challenges such as climate change and population growth.

Performance and Innovation

We look to our Performance and Innovation team to inspire us to do things differently. As well as providing guidance to teams across our business, they also contribute to Ofwat’s £200million Innovation Fund – aimed at growing the water sector’s capacity to innovate. What’s more, in partnership with the University of Exeter, the team has established a pioneering new collaborative research centre, designed to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing the water sector.


Balancing operational and environmental needs, it’s down to our Natural Resources team to protect the natural environment that South West Water depends on. As well as providing technical services, direction and guidance to others across the business, our Natural Resources team works with external partners – including landowners and farmers – to improve water quality across the South West. It’s also down to them to deliver our Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) commitments and other investment programmes.

Water Resources

From demand forecasting to educating our customers, liaising with the Environment Agency to updating our long-term water resources management and drought plans – it’s down to our Water Resources team to deliver the strategic management of our water resources network. Taking into account the impact of population growth and climate change, this team ensures we’ll be able to continue to deliver water to our customers for many years to come.

Our people

Meet the team

WINEP Development Manager

“Having recently joined South West Water, it’s amazing to see how dedicated we are to making a step-change in improving the environment, biodiversity, ecology and local places for everyone to enjoy. The level of investment into the environment we are planning for the future goes further than we have ever gone before. Why would I recommend working at South West Water? The people. Everyone’s friendly, approachable and empowered to be themselves. In such a short space of time, there are already plenty of people around me that I know I can go to for support.”

Regulatory Analyst

“I wanted to work for a large employer who cares about the local communities and environment in which they operate. Having grown up in the South West, I know how important South West Water is to the region and the vital service they provide. Everyone who works here pulls together during extreme events, providing support to our customers and communities. During the Beast from the East event in 2018 I was out in the community providing bottled water to customers without supply and delivering water to vulnerable customers in the area. Being able to support customers directly was a rewarding experience.”

A warm welcome guaranteed

Life in the office

From Regulations to Marketing, our Head Office is home to a range of South West Water teams. Bright, airy and spacious, Peninsula House is a collaborative space where over 200 people come together to build a better future for the South West. Not only will you be welcomed by a fun, friendly atmosphere every time you step through the doors, you’ll also find endless opportunities to build an incredible career – and friendships – here.

Easy to reach from the M5 and Exeter city centre, commuting to Peninsula House is straightforward – and you’ll have plenty of parking spots to choose from when you arrive. Looking for something to do at lunch? As well as our on-site cafe, you’ll find shops and a supermarket just a short walk away, ensuring you’re always spoilt for choice.