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Operations and
Supply Chain

Operations and Supply Chain

What we do

Our Operations and Supply Chain team is split into two departments: Drinking Water and Wastewater Services – and they both play a crucial role in enabling us to deliver a quality product to our customers across the South West.

It’s down to our Drinking Water department to deliver high quality water to our customers. Meanwhile our Waste Water teams are responsible for treating waste water so it can safely return to the environment.

You’ll find a huge variety of roles available within these departments. Wherever you join us, you’re sure to be part of a supportive team that’s united by a passion for our communities and the environment.


Our teams

Delivering quality water to our customers

Drinking Water Services

From collecting water from the environment to delivering a quality product into our customers’ homes, our Drinking Water department is responsible for every pipe and process along the way. On standby 24/7, we look to them to deal with everything from burst water mains to helping customers find their lost stoptaps.

Preparing water for our customers

Drinking Water Services

The first part of our drinking water cycle involves collecting water from the environment. A role here could involve monitoring where the water comes from or working with our scientific teams to identify new sources.

The water is then treated at one of our treatment works. Here, you could be taking samples from different stages of the process to share with our scientific teams, or liaising with our engineering department to identify any equipment that needs monitoring or fixing.

The water is then distributed to one of our 300 reservoirs, ready to be delivered to our customers when needed. A role at this stage of the drinking water process could involve monitoring levels across our region to make sure that we’ve got enough quality water for our customers.

Getting water to our customers

Drinking Water Services

Once the water has been collected and treated, it runs through 1000s of kilometres of distribution pipes and into our customers’ homes. Here, it’s down to our teams to make sure that our network is able to cope with demand. You might join a team that investigates burst pipes, responds first hand to customer enquiries, or looks for leaks.

We use all sorts of technology to maintain our networks and you may find yourself working with suppliers or contractors too. Providing a second-to-none customer service, our passionate teams also help customers with pipes in their own properties, ensuring the water they receive is the quality they expect.

Delivering waste water services to the South West

Waste Water Services

It might not sound too glamorous, but our Waste Water Services teams play a vital role in building a better future for our communities. From cleansing our sewer network to make sure that blockages don’t occur, to maintaining our sewage pumping stations and dealing with misconnections – it’s down to these teams to provide reliable and efficient wastewater services to the beautiful South West area in a sustainable way.

From customers’ drains back into our system

Waste Water Services

Once water has been used, it enters our network sewers as waste water. Sadly, many other things end up in our sewers too. Here, you might be part of our cleansing team who keep our networks flowing by identifying and fixing any blockages.

We also support and work with many businesses and industries across the South West to discharge their water, collaborating with our Regulations team to ensure everyone is compliant.

Back at the plant and beyond

Waste Water Services

Next, waste water reaches our sewage pumping stations. At this stage of the process, you could join our team of technicians and engineers who ensure we pump the right amount of water into the sewage treatment works. Or maybe the team who makes sure our sewage treatment works are operating in accordance with our permit from the Environment Agency.

Waste water is then treated and discharged back into the environment. A role here could involve keeping on top of equipment, making sure the site is operating as it should, or working with other South West Water departments to minimise our environmental impact.

Opportunities for everyone

Drinking and Waste Water teams

Across our Drinking and Waste Water departments, you’ll also find Maintenance, Regulations, Building, Misconnections and Pollution teams - plus many more. Wherever you join us, you’ll be surrounded by passionate people who deliver a first-class service to our customers and stakeholders.

Our people

Meet the team

Water Leakage Technician

“As a Water Leakage Technician, I have to think on my feet and enjoy the variety of my role. From working in a prison to knocking on celebrities' doors, I’ve seen things I’d never have seen and met people I’d never have met if it weren’t for this job. I get to be my own boss. Sometimes I start early, sometimes I work late at night - it’s really flexible. I feel valued here and am rewarded for my hard work.”

Water Leakage Technician

“I really enjoy my job as a Leakage Technician because no two days are the same, I get to work outside and I have a lot of autonomy. I was a little nervous joining a male dominated industry but everyone at South West Water is very welcoming - and I’ve become firm friends with many of my colleagues.”

Life on the road

Wish you could spend your days driving around the scenic South West? If you love driving, crave variety and want a role that works around you, you’ll love life on the road at South West Water.

Whether you’re meeting colleagues at reservoirs, responding to urgent call-outs or visiting our customers in their homes, every day is guaranteed to bring something different. You’ll enjoy flexibility and responsibility as you complete daily assignments in your designated area – immersing yourself in beautiful locations and wildlife along the way.

Life on site

From reservoirs to pumping stations and treatment works, our sites are the hubs that keep our water networks flowing. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to supply our customers with top quality water.

Producing millions of litres of clean water every day is no easy task – and our teams of on-site specialists go above and beyond to ensure quality always comes first.

Whether you’re monitoring water quality equipment, sampling our water, or ensuring everyone goes home safe at the end of the day, you’ll be supported every step of the way as part of our tight-knit, sociable on-site teams.